Jewellery Care

Care for your little ones with Love, luv!

Our fashion jewellery pieces are made of 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel.
Since Stainless Steel is lead, nickel, cadmium free it is Hypoallergenic - your skin will love them. 

How can I best take care of my Items?

To prolong the longevity of your jewellery, it is recommended to remove before bathing or going swimming. 
AVOID contact with harsh chemicals, chlorine, perfumes/body sprays, and lotion/creams.
TO CLEAN your jewellery, wipe with a soft, moist cloth and mild soap, and never use jewellery cleaners on fashion pieces.
STORE each piece separately. The best way to store is in the pouch provided along.
 If your pieces are exposed to the products above, some tarnishing may occur. It may also naturally occur from certain skin's PH levels.